Tyres are an important factor in the safety and the enjoyment of your vehicle. It is important to choose the right tyre for your type of vehicle and the speed you will travel at, the load you will carry and the type of surface conditions you will drive on.
Main types of tyres:
- Low profiles for sedans and sports cars where speed and handling is important.
- Normal tyres for family vehicles and SUVs that are seldom used off-road.
- All terrain tyres for vehicles used on tar and gravel and sometimes off-road.
- Mud Terrain tyres for vehicles that will be driven in rugged off road conditions and where traction is key to safety and capability.
How to read tyre markings
All tyres have markings on them which tell you all about the tyres' measurements, load capability and speed capability. The panel opposite shows the main markings. Note that the load "F" and speed "G" markings opposite may or may not form part of the main tyre size marking.

There may also be an "M&S" indicator that means the tyre is suitable for Mud and Snow.

Information (cont)
Tyres wear through use and will eventually reach a point where the amount of tread left on the tyre is no longer legal nor safe to drive on. For the safety of you and your passengers tyres should be replaced as soon as they are unsafe to drive on. Of course many people replace their tyres before the safety tread limit is reached, when their capability or comfort requirements are no longer met. For example off road tyres lose traction when worn, even though they legally still have sufficient tread left.