Who is Johann "Tyre" Viljoen

Johann has been in the wheel alignment business since 1989 and has become well known in the industry, earning the nickname “Johann Tyres”. He has been writing articles for the wheel and tyre clinic in the SA4x4 magazine for over 4 years and is a regular contributor to the Technical Questions relating to wheels and tyres in the Drive Out and Wegry magazines.

Johann is one of many experts in the industry, but few have his expert knowledge of the special requirements for 4x4s.

Although 1st Alignment Centre is equipped to cater for all vehicle types ranging from small sedans and hatches up to light trucks, his active participation and interest in 4x4 activities has lead him to become a leading expert in the 4x4 market and has geared his business up with specialised equipment that can cater for the heavier wheels and tyres required by these vehicles. His vehicle jacks, for example can cater for the higher lifting requirements of high ground clearance vehicles, unlike many of his competitors.

Training and Qualifications

Johann was trained at the Hunter Research & Development centre in St Louis, Missouri, USA on the Hunter Wheel Alignment and Balancing equipment and is a certified Master Technician and accredited Wheel Alignment Trainer.

Registered guide and member of 4x4 clubs

Johann is a qualified 4x4 guide and honorary member of the 4x4 Off Road Adventure club, where he regularly leads groups on 4x4/overland trips. He also assists in the clubs 4x4 training activities that deliver the 4x4 Drivers Competency Certificate training. He has hosted several courses on Tyre Repairs. He is a member of the Land Cruiser Club of South Africa.

Volunteer member for Wilderness Search and Rescue

Johann has been a member of the WSAR Logistics, AMS and LZ helicopter team for the past 13 years. This team is responsible to take the rescue climbers to the furthest point where the road ends. They are responsible for the RF Communications, relaying messages between the base team and the mountain rescue team. Johann is also a qualified Landing Zone Controller, who makes a landing zone ready for helicopters to land on. This encompasses choosing a suitable site, clearing vegetation and loose items that can fly around and cause damage and ensuring the area stays clear of people during use. He is on standby from 5pm to 5am.